4 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Bulge – One Might Even Surprise You

4 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Bulge


Thanksgiving is around the corner and most of us are getting are tummies ready to take on a fantastic meal. However, for people who have been embarking on a journey to make healthy eating choices, the holidays can be a time of dread.

What happens if I cheat? What’s going to happen to my weight loss goals? Will I ever  be able to catch up again?

Here are a few tips to help make the holidays easier on your body and mind.

1. Cheat!

It may sound strange that the first tip to avoid the Holiday Bulge is to cheat, but it’s true. The holidays are times to celebrate being with loved ones, and whether it’s healthy or not, people celebrate with food that isn’t always so good for you.

The truth is, our bodies weren’t made fat, muscular, or skinny by 2 or 3 large cheat meals. Our bodies are the way they are through months and years of daily eating patterns.

If you want to cheat for one day, then do so knowing that it is just going to be for one day. If you have been eating clean for a long time, you may even find out that one day of cheating will leave you feeling so crummy and lethargic, that you don’t even want to cheat more often than that!

2. Meat and Veggies First

On your first plate of eating, load up on your meat and vegetables. By loading up on your protein and fat groups first, your body will start feeling full faster. Additionally, vegetables like sweet potatoes, squashes, and brussel sprouts can fill your body with nutrient dense carbs that may help stave off those cravings for stuffing, bread, and mashed potatoes.

3. Thanksgiving Football

I’m not talking about the Dallas Cowboys or Detroit Lions. I’m talking about you and your family/friends getting together and running around before the big meal. For several years, my friends and family would get together and play touch football before dinner. Not only is it a fun way to get together with family you haven’t seen in a long time, but it’s a much better metabolic alternative than vegging out in front of the TV before gorging on a huge meal.

4. Bring a Meal to Share

The best way to avoid the Holiday bulge is by sharing some creative and great tasting food creations with the people you’re with. The internet has become a tremendous source for recipes and dish ideas that are sensible and delicious.

Not everything on the menu needs to be replaced, but bring something that you know is a prime offender that can be substituted, especially in the dessert section.

Here are some links to dishes and meals that can add some variety, and inspire others to make smart holiday eating choices:

Balanced Bites Holiday Recipe Round Up

Everyday Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

Holiday Paleo Desserts

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