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n=1: My Vagus Nerve on Chiropractic

Read Time: 5 minutes Outline: Problems measuring HRV in practice Refining HRV for meaningful use My HRV Pre- and Post Adjustment I love measuring my own health data, and I especially enjoy measuring things that can be affected by the health of your brain and spine. One metric I’m paying a lot more attention to […]


Cracking the Code on Lightheaded Dizziness

When people say that they feel dizzy, most people, even healthcare providers usually think that you’re talking about the room spinning sensation of vertigo. However, there are thousands of people around the country describe themselves as having dizziness but don’t have the characteristic sensation of vertigo. Many patients may describe their dizziness as a rocking, […]


Parkinson’s Disease, the Gut-Brain Axis, and the Craniocervical Junction

Parkinson’s Disease is a devastating and complicated neurodegenerative disorder. Many people have become familiar with Parkinson’s Disease due in part to advocacy and awareness campaigns from watching the progression of celebrities like Mohammed Ali and Michael J. Fox. As a whole, people have come to know that Parkinson’s Disease is tied to the masked face […]


A Brain on Fire – Part II

A Brain on Fire – Part II  Read Part I Here Last week we talked about chronic fatigue and some of the factors that lead or influence the development of the illness. If we see chronic fatigue as a product of a dysfunctional interaction between the gut, brain, and immune system then it gives us […]


How I Healed my Gut from Inside-Out

How I Healed my Gut from Inside-Out This may be surprising to some of my friends and family, but what many people don’t know about me is that I used to suffer with some terrible recurrent gut problems when I was a teenager and my early 20’s. It didn’t affect me often; maybe once every […]