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Is High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) Right for Me?

Is High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) right for me? One of the hottest trends in fitness today is focused on something called high intensity training or H.I.T. The basic premise of H.I.T. involves exercising harder in short periods of time while decreasing the amount of volume and time spent exercising. Rather than someone spending hours in […]

Coconut Oil: Is It Really Healthy for Me?

Coconut Oil: Is It Really Healthy for Me? There are times when you look at the new trends in research, and it seems like a dizzying array of conflicting information. Eat more whole grains Eat less grains Eat more fat Fat kills One of the casualties of these disputes has been the role of coconut […]

Why Keystone?

Why Keystone Chiropractic?   The most common question I get whenever I’m out in public is “Why did you choose the name Keystone Chiropractic?”. After all, I’m not from Pennsylvania (The Keystone State), I don’t live in a city with the name Keystone, and I’m certainly NOT a fan of Keystone Light. In my world […]

Can Sleep Affect Your Weight?

Can Sleep Affect Your Weight? New Research Shows that Getting Less Sleep Leads to Increased Weight Gains   It’s a pretty well known and established fact that getting proper sleep helps in multiple aspects of life and health. Being sleep deprived can impair someone’s decision making, reduce cognitive/athletic performance, lead to depression/anxiety, and decrease immune […]