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What’s the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo Diet? Armed with 2013 RESOLUTIONS, people everywhere are looking for that next great diet or eating plan to help them reach a healthier body shape and type. In the practice, you may have heard words like “Paleo” or “Primal” Diet in discussions with some of our fitness minded practice members.  A primal […]

Does My Protein Supplement Matter?

Does My Protein Supplement Matter? Let’s say that you were going to build a a brand new house. You hired the best architect and the best builders in the world to create the house of your dreams. Now once it comes time to build, you start to choose cheap materials, Chinese Drywall, and low quality […]

Can Running Hurt my Structure?

Can running hurt my structure? Running is #1 exercise of choice for people seeking to increase their fitness. Programs like Couch to 5k have spurned millions of Americans to strap on some running shoes and hit the streets toward better health. However, running is the most common source of sports related injury in the country. Injuries to […]