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Can Sleep Affect Your Weight?

Can Sleep Affect Your Weight? New Research Shows that Getting Less Sleep Leads to Increased Weight Gains   It’s a pretty well known and established fact that getting proper sleep helps in multiple aspects of life and health. Being sleep deprived can impair someone’s decision making, reduce cognitive/athletic performance, lead to depression/anxiety, and decrease immune […]

Olive Oil: The Delicious Anti-Inflammatory

Olive Oil – The Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Last year during the holidays, I had the pleasure of receiving an incredible gift from one of my patients. She brought a 1L bottle of one of the finest olive oils from Italy. I was thrilled, because anyone that knows me knows that I love the taste of extra […]

4 Suprising Ways to Protect Your Heart

Broken Hearts – More Than a Valentine’s Day Problem In honor of Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month, today’s blog is dedicated to that spectacular little engine inside your chest. Although I’m no cardiovascular expert, with more and more people each year seeking out structural orthogonal care for secondary conditions like high blood pressure and […]

Sugar Substitutes: Splenda Isn’t So Splendid

Sugar Substitutes: Splenda isn’t So Splendid One of the greatest things about being a structural orthogonal chiropractor is getting to see the reaction people have as they notice their bodies start to heal. Some of the most common secondary conditions that people present with are headaches and migraines. Of course, I’d love to tell you […]