Migraines and Concussions

Why Concussions Hit Migraine Patients Harder

  The vast majority of people who suffer concussive injuries will recover without any chronic symptoms. However, about 15% of people who suffer concussions will go on to have post-concussion syndrome, where they will experience headaches, dizziness, and cognitive problems beyond 30 days after an injury. These symptoms can be debilitating, and some people can experience […]


Are Equestrians More Resilient to Concussive Injury Than Everyone Else?

  Concussions, Balance, and the Equestrian Advantage Concussions are a hot topic in professional football, but it’s something that horse lovers have been familiar with for years. A 2014 paper in published in the Sports Health medical journal showed that almost 50% of competitive riders will have experienced a concussion during their life while riding. Surveys […]