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Mike W

 Mike W
About three years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Syndrome ( tinnitus + ear fullness + hearing loss + dizziness & vertigo). Not a fun group of conditions to have, and with symptoms getting worse I knew I needed to try other approaches as my ENT was merely band-aiding symptoms without attempting to figure out root cause. I had read about NUCCA chiropractic on a forum, and figured this was an avenue worth trying…or at least ruling out. So I scheduled a visit with Dr. Chung at the beginning of 2014 with hope that he might find something but also wondering if this was an approach worth taking. After the first consultation, I can say I was impressed with Dr. Chung’s knowledge and candor, and the fact that detailed X-Rays and thermal imaging are step 1 and he would only proceed if they showed an issue he could address. The 2nd visit was a review of my results, which did show misalignment of upper vertebrae, and thermal readings showed that my upper neck was under persistent stress condition, net-net Dr. Chung felt I was person that he could help. Now I won’t go into a blow by blow account of every visit, but within about a month….the worst case symptom, vertigo attacks, had been eliminated. Within the first two months, the dizzy spells that precede a full blown vertigo attack, were no longer present. In the 3-4 month range, the ear fullness condition had pretty much totally subsided and tinnitus in my right ear had been eliminated. At 5 to 6 month point, hearing loss ( it was less than 50% ) in my bad left ear has mostly reverted to normal and the tinnitus is at maybe 25% or less of what it was when I first started with Dr. Chung. This is a short summary of a 6 month journey back to health for conditions that has been afflicting me for years. It was hard to believe when Dr. Chung initially told me this, but he stated that his task was to realign my body and keep it aligned…..nothing less/nothing more…..and then the body can take over and start the healing process. It sounds like a simple concept, but the know-how to “realign my body” is where the science is…..and this is what Dr. Chung excels at. His training allows him to determine the exact type of correction to apply to get spinal alignment and then he works to keep it aligned so that your body healing process can kick in. It is hard to put into words how impressed I am with Dr. Chung and his ability to have this profound an effect on my overall health.

Brittany Pierce

Over 7 years ago I was in an auto accident. Since then, I’ve tried out a general chiropractor, acupuncture, yoga, natural oils ect. They were great for “temporal relief.” I came to the conclusion that the neck pain and chronic mid to lower back pain was something I would just have to deal with, since I’m against pain medication. After doing my research, I came across NUCCA Chiropractors and decided to see if this would help my situation. (NUCCA Chiropractors influence the entire spinal columns postural balance by returning the heavy head to a more balanced position on top of the narrow neck. When posture is corrected, the entire body rebalances resulting in less stress to all areas including your low back.) Let me just tell you..AMAZING!!! There is NO cracking, twisting, popping, massaging or manipulation involved. The low force correction technique Dr. Chung did significantly helped with the secondary conditions I was dealing with for all these years. The result is I have my energy back, no longer in pain, and can enjoy my life. I can’t thank Dr. Chung enough for the patient care he provided by improving my spinal alignment. Also, by proving the body is self-healing and its healing capabilities are infinite. Experience the NUCCA difference with Dr. Chung he is the BEST!

Sonya M

For years I have had frequent back pains, headaches, and it even limited my fitness lifestyle. I was always asking my husband for back rubs. It was very frustrating for me to always feel like my back was “out of whack”. A dear friend of mine referred me to Dr. Chung and I had no idea what a healthy alignment was until he started treating me! I am forever grateful for the care and guidance Dr. Chung has given me! No more back pains, pinched nerves, headaches, ect.!!! He doesn’t just treat your ailments, he truly educates and empowers you to take back your health! His unique approach in helping your body naturally align is amazing and I would recommend him to everyone. He is such a blessing to our community! I truly believe your health is an investment in your future. What are you worth? Blessings!

Kiel Higgins

Since I was a little kid I’ve had a noticeable dip in my right shoulder. It was due to my left foot being about about half inch shorter than my right which threw off my hips, causing my back (spine) to be out of whack. After being treated by Dr. Chung for a few months my body began to align to the proper position, which has helped me tremendously being the avid crossfitter that I am. It has help with my strength, balance and, recovery.