Dirty Jobs Star Presents Sad Fact in Newest Commercial

Mike Rowe Inadvertently Makes Sad Point About American Health

mike roweMike Rowe one of the most well known faces of Cable Television, as well as the latest and greatest spokesperson for the Ford Automobile Company. The latest Ford campaign has him asking patrons “Who’s healthier: you or your car?” Check him out in the latest commercial if you haven’t already.





As you can see, every person who was interviewed emphatically said that their car is healthier. Some even made jokes about how some parts of their body are breaking down and laughed about it. I completely understand the fact that this is just a commercial. I also understand the fact that Ford is just trying to make a point about their Fuel Saver Package. Trust me, I understand what they’re trying to say.

However, do you think that this is very far off from reality for most Americans? A close look at the leading causes of death in the US shows that the top 3 causes of death (cancer, heart disease, and diabetes) are almost 80% preventable through diet and lifestyle modifications. So what gives America?

Believe me when I say that I understand how important it is to take care of a car. I drive a nice 2007 Blue Honda Civic.  I understand what all of the maintenance schedules are, how often I need to get my oil changed, and I know the benefits of higher quality fuel. Am I the best at keeping up with my car maintenance? Nope. I take care of it, but not as if it were say…a Ferrari.

What kind of performance are we preparing our bodies for?

What kind of performance are we preparing our bodies for?

The truth of the matter is this; no matter how nice my car is, the car and all of it’s parts are replaceable

And until stem cells start getting a lot more advanced, we only get one shot with one body.

The human body  is meant to be a high performance vehicle that should be able to perform through most of your life time. It’s built with a self-repairing and self-maintaining mechanism that is working day and night to keep us healthy and alive as long as we can provide it with the right materials and keep it moving properly. Sadly, we treat this beautiful Ferrari of a machine like a 1973 Pinto.



Instead of loading up with Premium Fuel (fresh organic meats and vegetables), we find the cheapest gas on the street (McDonalds). Routine maintenance? Nah, let’s just wait till it breaks first.  Between the cigarettes, trans fats, smoggy air, and chronic sitting disorder that we place out bodies through, it’s pretty remarkable how far we can take them.

Now we’re not given any guarantees in life. If we lived like an ascetic Yogi who meditated and ate lettuce for all of our meals, we still don’t have a definitive outcome on the future of our health. Our bodies will still fall into some wear and tear no matter what, that much is known. However, studying cultures in the Mediterranean and Okinawa, Japan where chronic degenerative disease is much less prevalent, we may have a  big say in the direction our health goes in the future. While we may not have the definitive answer, we do understand some simple truths. Vegetables are great for you, and you should definitely be moving more than you’re sitting. How we choose to take these steps is up to you.

You can either invest in taking care of your bodies now, or we can pay for it with increased health care costs and treatment in the future. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, but the next time you see Mike Rowe, and he asks you which is healthier, I hope you can say “I am”.



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