Healing isn’t linear.


A lot of people have gotten into the stock market in the past year. In many ways, investing and trading can be similar to the healing process.⁣

We all wish that our healing and recovery would just go up in a straight line, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that most of the time.⁣

We all wish healing moved like a straight line. Always getting better without any setbacks

When you are recovering from an injury or a chronic condition, even if you are doing everything right, you will have up days and down days.⁣ On up days, it’s easy to convince yourself that you are fixed or cured. On down days, it makes you think that your condition is hopeless and you’ll never get better.⁣

In reality, healing has ups and downs. Sometimes we feel bad even though our bodies are moving forward

Sometimes we have to zoom out to see where we have come from in order to know if we are going in the right direction.⁣ In our office, we like to look at the trend of someone’s progress. We like to see if a person is having more good days than bad, and if their ability to cope with bad days gets better.⁣

Flare ups can happen, especially with chronic #dizziness #fibromyalgia #rheumatoid and #postconcussionsyndrome.⁣



Some days it feels like we are spiraling downward and that what we are doing isn’t working…..

On those red days, it’s important to zoom out and see which direction your health is trending.

It’s hard to keep the energy to focus on progress when you don’t feel well, but it’s really important to develop that resilience so you don’t give up on your recovery too soon.⁣

Remember, that it is important to know that you are making the right investment into your health. Don’t treat your body like a meme stock that will shoot up 1000% overnight but has a high chance of crashing.⁣

Keep investing into the things that have proven benefits over time, and your health portfolio will continue to grow.

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