How a Car Accident Helped a Patient Find and Answer to Tinnitis

How a Car Accident Helped a Patient Find and Answer to Tinnitis

Tinnitis is characterized by constant ringing in the ear.Image from

Tinnitis is characterized by constant ringing in the ear.
Image from

Most people would never think about a car accident as a blessing in disguise. Why would someone be thankful for a situation in which their car is ruined, their neck/back hurt, and they’re responsible for navigating the buerocratic mess of personal injury law and insurance. But every so often, I have a patient tell me that they are grateful to have been in that accident because it gave them a chance to discover and experience Structural Chiropractic care.

It happened again recently a couple of weeks ago. A patient who had come in to the office because she was in a rear-end collision, and she was having problems with her neck because of whiplash. After assessing the condition of her neck on our precision upper cervical x-rays, it was clear that whiplash wasn’t her only problem. She also had a significant Atlas Displacement Complex.

An interesting thing happened after her 3rd visit. While she was coming in specifically to get relief from neck pain, she actually noticed that a persistent ringining in her ears was the first thing to go away.

Needless to say, she was ecstatic about that. She’s had ringing and fullness in her ears for years and had just gotten use to it. It was to the point where her hearing was only about 70% of what it could be, and had frequent problems hearing people over the phone clearly.

While we won’t help every case of tinnitis, there’s been an association with tinnitis and various head injuries and whiplash. These head injuries may have caused the head and neck to disrupt the function of the brain stem and cranial nerves which caused tinnitis for these select patients.

There in lies one of the beautiful things about chiropractic. Lots of patients come in for one condition and will actually see some problems that they’ve struggled with for years start to go away. It’s not about devising a specific treatment for every condition they have going on, but it comes down to this one important fact:

When you take a body that has shifted away from normal, you have abnormal function. When you restore normal structure, you can get normal function, not just of your spine, but of every system that it’s connected to.


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