I heard that Chiropractic was just a placebo…

I heard that Chiropractic was just a placebo…


Today’s post is brought to you by an interesting conversation that I had with someone at lunch last week. I’m part of a Service Club in Wellington that meets for lunch each week. It’s a great group of entrepreneurs and business owners who have found a lot of success and enjoy giving back to the community.

While at lunch, one of the members was actually introducing me to another member who was complaining about a health condition he was having. As she was explaining about how I might be able to help, he actually stopped her and said “No offense, but I don’t really believe in chiropractic”

In a past existence, I used to be offended by a statement like this and I’d react really defensively. However, after a few years in practice, you really get a chance to see where people are coming from. People have been taught that the effects of chiropractic are simply a placebo effect.

The placebo effect a phenomenon in medicine in which a fake treatment is used, but a patient is so convinced of it’s effects, that they get better anyway. It’s actually quite a testament to the power that the mind has on the overall health of the body. The problem with the placebo effect is that you have to TRICK the person into thinking that they’re getting better, so ethical and moral issues come into play.

Here are some things to think about when someone says Chiropractic is a placebo:

1. Chiropractic has documented major physiological changes in brain function, immune response, blood pressure.  Placebos are usually measured for pain, or things that can be measured subjectively. These studies and more show that whether people feel something or not, physiological change is happening in the body.

2. Although it’s not my preference to say this, most people stumble into a Structural Chiropractor’s office after trying almost everything else. By the time someone makes it to my front door, they have usually been seen by a neurologist, orthopedist, accupuncturist, physical therapist and more. With that being said, if chiropractic were strictly a placebo effect, why didn’t the placebo effect kick in with the layers of other doctors and specialists the patient has seen? Most people are also very skeptical of chiropractic as well. Why would an intervention that people are weary of work so well after cases fail with more contemporary solutions?

Are we just that much more charasmatic and capable of psychologically brain washing people? Most of my friends are chiropractors, I promise you we are not that savvy 🙂

3. Chiropractic works for babies. Last I checked, it was very difficult to psychologically trick a baby into getting feeling better. Now, I understand what most people say: “Kid problems like ear infections, colic, reflux and asthma are all things that can resolve on their own with age”

And to those people, I say you’re right. In fact, I believe almost all human ailments are capable of resolving on their own with time. It’s actually the crux of chiropractic’s philosophy of health, that the body can and will heal itself without interference.

But again, I ask why haven’t interventions like antibiotics, inhalers, and reflux medications been more effective before more kids get resolution within a handful of spinal corrections? The number of people who have taken their child to a chiropractor for an ear ache or asthma before seeing their pediatrician is so small, that it’s laughable . Why did the body start healing once they saw the chiropractor?


4. Chiropractic works great for animals!

I posted this a few weeks ago on my Facebook page because it makes me smile and laugh everytime. I thought it would be worth sharing again on the blog.

Dogs can’t be duped into thinking a light push into their neck is going to make them walk again. Either physiology is happening, or it’s not. One thing I know is that physiology was happening a lot better after this dog’s adjustment, than before it.

So you decide. Is it all sugar and deception or a step towards more life?

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