I Wish I Had Found You Sooner

I Wish I Had Found You Sooner

One of the best things about my work is how fast people can start to see a difference in their life when their Atlas gets corrected. It’s one of the reasons that a patient’s 2nd visit with me is one of my favorite times in the office. It’s the day that the person will get their first adjustment.

While one adjustment won’t magically fix a problem that’s been there for years, it puts a seed of possibility into the mind of the patient that their lives can be better. It reminds them that they’ve gotten used to feeling at less than 100% of their full function. It reminds them that they’ve actually forgotten what it was like to feel healthy.

Pre and Post X-ray

It usually leaves people in awe when I show them a before and after x-ray after one adjustment, especially considering how gentle an Atlas Correction in my office feels.

As blood starts circulating through the head and neck again, muscles start to go at ease, and the person stands taller and straighter, it can sometimes bring this common comment

“I wish I had found out about you sooner”

Most of the patients we see in our office are people with long term, chronic health conditions. Many times, these patients are given a poor prognosis from their medical doctor. They’re usually told that they would just have to live with the problem, and control the pain with medications as best as they can. This usually leads them to pursue alternative forms of care.

While chiropractic falls into the label of alternative medicine, the fact is that the reasoning behind why Structural Chiropractic is effective is actually very easy to understand. It comes down to a few simple concepts.

1. Optimal Structure = Optimal Function

Take a look at any feat of construction or engineering. The design of the of structure dictates what the function of that object will be. They are not just a series of poles and rods thrown together haphazardly. Let’s take a bridge for example.

Every piece of a bridge was painstakingly analyzed for a specific purpose. The design anticipates how much weight it can support, how it will react to weather, and how many vehicles can cross at one time. Every steel cable, each arch, every column was designed to make the bridge do it’s job.

If any one of those pieces wears away or loses it’s shape, then the bridge is no longer capable of the maximum potential by its design. Instead of the normal 13,000 tons that a bridge was designed to support, a slight deformity in the construction may reduce it to 11 or 12,000.

Your works spine the same way. When the spine’s structure matches the blue prints from your DNA, then it was designed to handle the streses of gravity and a healthy level of activity. However, when the spine loses its proper structure, then stress of gravity and activity can suddenly reveal its weakness.

2. Spinal Mechanics Affect the Neurovascular System

Despite my frequent comparisons that the spine is just a machine working like a routine physics problem, the truth is that it has a dynamic impact on your body’s physiology. Movement of the spine dictates how information is received in the brain through tiny little nerve ending’s called mechanoreceptors. The spine also houses critical nerves, arteries, and veins that carry food and waste in and out of the brain and spinal cord.

An spine with too much, too little, or faulty movement patterns directly affect the wiring and firing of nerves that go through the brainstem and spinal cord. Your brain and spinal cord act like the world’s most powerful computer chip which requires a proper information and power supply to work properly.

3. Proper Neurological Function = Proper Healing

Every system in the body exists to support the brain and spinal cord. In fact, you can make the case that the rest of your body is merely a vessel to help the nervous system get from point A to point B and feed itself. Within the brian lies the body’s captain who directs all of it’s crew to keep the ship working and firing on all cylinders.

When things go wrong in the ship, the captain directs the ship’s resources to fix the problem so the ship can get back on course. In this way, your brain helps to dictate the body’s healing. The brain is working 24 hours a day to allocate whatever resources the body needs to repair and heal.

So what?

I wrote this today because I have multiple patients that are sometimes embarassed to tell their friends or family members that they are seeing a Structural Chiropractor. Given the sometimes dubious reputation that a handful of bad apples have created in chiropractic, it’s hard to blame them.

However, once people are shown that its simple, logical, and effective, people are happy to tell the world about what we do, so that their friends and family don’t have to suffer for years before getting a Structural Chiropractic check up.

Once people understand these 3 simple concepts, then chiropractic stops becoming this mystical, pseudo scientific branch of medicine, but a straight forward explanation for how the body works.

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