Is High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) Right for Me?

Is High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) right for me?

One of the hottest trends in fitness today is focused on something called high intensity training or H.I.T. The basic premise of H.I.T. involves exercising harder in short periods of time while decreasing the amount of volume and time spent exercising. Rather than someone spending hours in a gym working out, H.I.T. workouts typically last no more than 30 minutes, and performed a maximum of three times per week. The coolest part of all?? Scientific studies have shown that people on H.I.T. programs can achieve the same strength and cardiovascular benefits of those who take on moderate and time consuming program.

Pros: Short workouts (<30min), similar results as moderate daily exercise (3x/week H.I.T. = daily moderate exercise)

Cons: Easy to over train if you exercise daily, H.I.T. will put you out of your comfort zone

If you’re the type of person that really enjoys being in the gym, spending time doing reps, and working at your own pace, then H.I.T. really may not be for you. How do I know? Because that used to be me! I really loved spending time in the gym before.

However, for today’s people on the go, H.I.T. has become a great help to stay in shape while keeping my most precious currency; time. Additionally, it helps break routines and help achieve new plateaus in strength.

No matter how you choose to get fit, just remember that regular functional movement is essential to the health of the body and the nervous system. Make sure that you consult with a personal trainer who pays close attention to your form and isn’t compromising the structural health of your spine.

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