Is Your Blood Pressure a Brain Stem Problem?

Is Your Blood Pressure a Brain Stem Problem?

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A recent study has brought hypertension  back into the spotlight as a leading cause of death worldwide, and the leading cause of cardiovascular disease.  Because hypertension has no symptoms, almost 50% of the participants in the study had no idea that they even had high blood pressure. It’s easy to see why this is such a serious problem. Hypertension is a large risk factor for things like heart attack, stroke, and Alzheimers Disease.

Fortunately, doctors and scientists have found easy and reliable ways to control blood pressure for most people. Simple changes to dietary salt, reducing sugar intake, a yoga, meditation exercise, and a multitude of medications have all shown the ability to help reduce blood pressure levels.

But what if this artery problem were really a problem at the level of the nervous system? What do the people do who eat well, exercise, and seemingly have no answer for their blood pressure problem? Is the best answer to really take anti-hypertensive medications for the rest of their lives?

Enter a study by Bakris and Dickholtz in 2007. It showed that people who received an real Atlas Correction using the NUCCA protocol had the same anti-hypertensive effects as 2 blood pressure medications! The average blood pressure reduction was 17 points, while just 1 correction was given during the 8 week period.

Now this is not to say that Atlas Corrections are used to reduce blood pressure. It’s not. It may even raise blood pressure in certain folks with hypotension, or low blood pressure. The only goal for an Atlas Correction is to restore the normal structural alignment of the upper cervical spine to regain normal function of the brain stem.
nuccaWhat does that mean for people suffering with high or low blood pressure? It means that someone’s blood pressure problem may have nothing to do with diet or medication, but it may be a problem with the functioning of the brain stem and central nervous system.

The control centers for blood pressure regulation actually lie within the brain stem. A stuctural shift in the top bone of the neck may compromise the blood flow into the brainstem and trick the body into thinking it needs to pump blood harder. In this way, hypertension may merely be a Secondary Condition to the Atlas Displacement Complex.

Structural Based Chiropractic isn’t for everyone. But if you’re continuing to struggle with something that many other doctors can’t solve, then it may just require looking for something outside the box for a new solution.

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