Natural Solutions for Vertigo and Balance Disorders

Very few thing can affect someone’s quality of life more than balance disorders. Having vertigo or a loss of balance can make you feel woozy, nauseated, fatigued, and sick. While these effects can be bad enough, perhaps the worst problem associated with balance disorders is the simple fear and apprehension with doing things that should be normal life activities.

Activities like going up and down steps, standing in open spaces, getting out of bed, or even just walking become significant events when you are afraid that you are going to fall or spin out of control.

Any problems related to balance indicate a problem in something called your vestibular system.


Common Vestibular Disorders

There are many different disorders that can make you feel dizzy or off balance. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Concussion and whiplash
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • Cervicogenic vertigo
  • Migraine associated vertigo

While there are medications that can help with nausea and vomiting, medications are usually not effective in restoring balance. Most people with balance disorders may go through a regiment of physical therapy called vestibular rehabilitation or receive treatments like caloric irrigation.

Many of these treatment regiments will work for most people, but there are large numbers of patients that may fail to respond to treatment, or desire more improvement than those strategies may be able to deliver at that time.

Personalized Touch to Balance Disorders

Your body’s sense of balance is dependent on the function of your eyes, inner ear, and musculoskeletal system in order to function properly. If any of these systems works out of balance, then it confuses your brain resulting in a loss of balance and sometimes vertigo.

The 3 super systems that maintain your balance

The 3 super systems that maintain your balance

This is why a one-size-fits-all treatment strategy may fail for a lot of patients. Some patients have dysfunction in their eyes, some have problems in their inner ear, and others may have problems in their neck. What worked for your mother, your boss, or your best friend may not be the same thing that works for you because your balance problem may have a different cause.

At Keystone Chiropractic, we perform a thorough exam and evaluate all 3 of these systems so we can find out what the best strategy is going to be for you. Once we know what’s causing the problem, we will design a personalized plan to restore the body back towards normal using our gentle and precise corrective procedures.


* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary depending an individual’s unique health history.

Google Reviews from Our Patients

Dr. Chung came highly recommended and I had my first appointment on Monday 9/28/15 due to having headaches and migraines non stop for 2 weeks then became vertigo. Dr. Chung did an adjustment on me and I have been headache, migraine and vertigo free for the past 4 days… It’s an amazing feeling to be pain free… Thank you Dr. Chung you’re awesome!

Diane SadhuMigraine and Vertigo

I am a 72 y.o. retired R.N. with history of Vertigo and Poor Balance.
Having had this problem for more than 20 years; I have seen many Doctors with little or no improvement.
On April 11, 2014, I walked into Dr. Chung’s office holding onto walls or anything available to keep from falling. After my first visit, I knew that I had finally met someone that truly cared. After my first adjustment, I was able to stand on my own.
Fast forward to 12 weeks of treatment, I am now able to go out without fear of falling.
I am now on the Maintenance Program and feeling stronger and able to “LIVE” and not merely :SURVIVE”.
Thank You Dr. Chung
You are the BEST !!!!!!

Peggy McDanielVertigo and Balance Problems

About three years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Syndrome ( tinnitus + ear fullness + hearing loss + dizziness & vertigo). Not a fun group of conditions to have, and with symptoms getting worse I knew I needed to try other approaches as my ENT was merely band-aiding symptoms without attempting to figure out root cause.

I had read about NUCCA chiropractic on a forum, and figured this was an avenue worth trying…or at least ruling out. So I scheduled a visit with Dr. Chung at the beginning of 2014 with hope that he might find something but also wondering if this was an approach worth taking. After the first consultation, I can say I was impressed with Dr. Chung’s knowledge and candor, and the fact that detailed X-Rays and thermal imaging are step 1 and he would only proceed if they showed an issue he could address. The 2nd visit was a review of my results, which did show misalignment of upper vertebrae, and thermal readings showed that my upper neck was under persistent stress condition, net-net Dr. Chung felt I was person that he could help.

Now I won’t go into a blow by blow account of every visit, but within about a month….the worst case symptom, vertigo attacks, had been eliminated. Within the first two months, the dizzy spells that precede a full blown vertigo attack, were no longer present. In the 3-4 month range, the ear fullness condition had pretty much totally subsided and tinnitus in my right ear had been eliminated. At 5 to 6 month point, hearing loss ( it was less than 50% ) in my bad left ear has mostly reverted to normal and the tinnitus is at maybe 25% or less of what it was when I first started with Dr. Chung. This is a short summary of a 6 month journey back to health for conditions that has been afflicting me for years.

It was hard to believe when Dr. Chung initially told me this, but he stated that his task was to realign my body and keep it aligned…..nothing less/nothing more…..and then the body can take over and start the healing process. It sounds like a simple concept, but the know-how to “realign my body” is where the science is…..and this is what Dr. Chung excels at. His training allows him to determine the exact type of correction to apply to get spinal alignment and then he works to keep it aligned so that your body healing process can kick in. It is hard to put into words how impressed I am with Dr. Chung and his ability to have this profound an effect on my overall health.

Mike WeatherwaxMeniere’s Disease


* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary depending an individual’s unique health history.

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