Shotguns or Snipers?

Shotguns or Snipers?

Which Approach Do you Want?


First off, I just want to apologize to any of my fans of firearms. If you’re looking for insight on gun rights/ownership, you will not be getting that information from me.  What we are here to talk about is precision.

You see, there are generally 2 approaches people take towards getting solutions for their health problems that I’m going to describe here today with the gun analogy.



The first is a shotgun approach. Shot guns are great at hitting broad targets at close range, and is fired quickly with only a small regard for aim. When they fire, pellets are ejected and spread out across a wide area, so that one shot has a great chance of hitting a desired target. However, in terms of efficiency, the spray action of the ammunition can hit parts of the target you weren’t aiming for, and there’s the issue of wasted ammunition.

Definitely got the job done,  with a lot of extra holes.

Definitely got the job done, with a lot of extra holes.

A sniper’s approach is different. A sniper may spend hours getting their sights just right, so that when they fire, not only do they hit the target, but they hit the target in a very specific location. They may take longer, but they are efficient and ensure that nothing else besides the desired target is hit by their bullet.


Rifle shots are precise and all land close or near the bulls-eye without dramaging the rest of the target.

Rifle shots are precise and all land close or near the bulls-eye without dramaging the rest of the target.

Now neither approach is wrong. They merely serve different purposes. A person can use a shot gun for self defense or game hunting when all they care about is whether the desired target is hit, and it is great at it’s job. A sniper’s approach is called upon when a situation is more sensitive when a miss can result in collateral damage or endanger a mission or operation.

But how does this reply to health? There are lots of ways!

1. Someone can have an infection that needs antibiotics. There are broad-spectrum antibiotics (shotgun) that seek to kill out all bacteria, or antibiotics that are designed to go after one type of bacteria.

2. Seeing a GP (shotgun) broad testing and exam, or a Specialist (sniper) for a specific part of the body.

3. Exercising for overall fitness/weight loss (shotgun) or personal training for a unique goal  like body building (sniper).

Notice that none of these approaches are wrong, they all have a time and place. It’s really about addressing what your perceived need is.

I get many questions about manipulations, adjustments, or corrections, and whether they come from a Osteopath, PT, or chiropractor.

Osteopaths, PT’s, and many chiropractors focus on manipulations which do a great job in breaking fixations and increasing range of motion. They do a great job with those goals, and it is typically a shot gun approach to addressing the spine.

In our office, we take a sniper’s approach. Our exam is very detailed and intensive, and we always measure our work to make sure we are coming as close to the bulls eye as possible with each correction. We focus on one Primary Condition which may be creating a wide variety of Secondary Conditions. It’s not for everyone, but for those that feel they have had a shotgun approach or may just want a sniper’s approach, then it may be for you.

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