The chiropractor that DOESN’T want to adjust you

The Chiropractor that DOESN’T want to adjust you

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When someone walks into my office, they may notice that it’s different most chiropractic offices they’ve visited. What they won’t find are massage tables, physical therapy suites, supplements, or footbaths. In fact, the only pieces of equipment you will see are my chiropractic adjustment tables and my upper cervical x-ray unit. Precision chiropractic adjustments are in essence, the only daily service that I provide.

So why would a chiropractor that only does adjustments NOT want to adjust you?

This may sound like blasphemy in parts of the chiropractic world, but in my world not everyone that steps into my office needs an adjustment. As a matter of fact, the goal that I have for each and every person that begins care with me is to get them to the point where they DON”T need an adjustment.


While the goal for most chiropractors is to adjust people to prevent or get rid of someone’s ache or pain, my goal is completely different. My goal is to restore the spine into a state called Normal Structure. Just like there’s normal ideal values for things like body temperature (98.6), blood pressure (120/80), and vision (20/20), there’re an ideal structural alignment for a healthy spine. This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, if your blood pressure is off for moments at a time or off by less than 10 points it’s nothing to worry about.

The truth is this: Normal Structure = Normal Function

Normal Structure is dictated by your spine and Normal Function is dictated by your nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for the function of every system in the body. When the nervous system has a hiccup, then muscles, organs, or glands may overreact or under react leading to a wide variety of problems called Secondary Conditions.

The best thing about someone with Normal Structure is that it allows their spine to be stable. When the structural alignment of someone’s spine goes back to normal and it is stable, they are in a position of “Holding” their correction. When someone is holding their correction, then they are in a great place called neurologically clear and there is no reason to adjust.

I love it when people come into the office and they are clear. Whether someone is in pain or they’re feeling great, if I check their spine for Structural Shifts/Subluxations and they’re holding and clear, then I know that they are on a path towards healing and greater function.

What does all of this mean?

With my style of care, if I were adjusting someone every single visit, I’d have a pit in my stomach because I know that I’m not getting the job done. An adjustment is such a powerful procedure when done correctly, but can delay someone’s healing if not done properly or is done too often. The body is strong enough and intelligent enough to maintain a proper Structural Alignment.

The biggest misconception in chiropractic is the concept that adjustments heal people.

Adjustments DO NOT heal people.

It is the time between adjustment where the body heals and recovers.When the normal structural alignment of the spine is maintained, the nervous system operates normally, and the inborn intelligence of the body is coordinating all of your body’s healing processes that health and healing happen.

How Do I Choose the Right Chiropractor?
When choosing your next chiropractor, make sure you are able to talk to someone that helps you reach your goals. You have the ability to select someone that moves bones to treat your pain, or you can choose one that helps correct what caused the problem to begin with.

That’s why I never charge to just sit down and talk about their problem in a Consultation. That’s also why I always advise people to select a doctor that you can just talk to before making a commitment. When the doctor and patient are on the same page, long term results are usually the outcome.


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