The Truth About Squats with Dr. Aaron Horschig

The truth about squats


The squat is one of the most polarizing topics in fitness. Thanks to the rise of Crossfit, the squat has been put into the limelight as an essential movement for both men and women. Men squat because it is unparalleled in it’s ability to make the entire human frame stronger. Women have taken up the squat as the best way to develop a nicer looking posterior.

But how do you sort through the various theories and methodologies?

  • Should you stop short of your hip crease?
  • Should you go all the way to the bottom?
  • Will it hurt your knees?
  • If my form is bad, how can I fix it?

I interviewed a national expert on squatting, and the founder of to talk about the truth about squats.

In the episode, we  talk about:

  • How mastering an air squat can help protect against ACL tears
  • How to fix “knock knees” when you squat
  • The benefits of parallel squatting AND full squatting. It doesn’t have to be either/or, it should be BOTH
  • How to deal with dogma, and how to use science to filter out the junk.

It’s a great episode. If you want to check out the show notes, go to and check out the notes and references from the show.

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