National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA)



When most people think about chiropractic, they usually think about a patient with back or neck pain laying on a table and getting their spine twisted and cracked.

While there's nothing wrong with this style of spinal manipulation, we find that many patients are suffering with neurological or spine problems and are worried about getting their neck cracked.

NUCCA is a gentle and precise procedure focused on optimal biomechanical alignment of the head and neck. While it targets the upper neck, it can be used to address a variety of conditions including:

Headaches | Neck pain | Dizziness | Autonomic dysfunction | Chronic back pain and sciatica | And more

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NUCCA for Chiropractic Needs

But there's more to choosing NUCCA than gentle adjustments. Some reasons why patients choose NUCCA for their chiropractic needs include:

Less adjustments - we almost never see people 3x/week

Long lasting correction - our goal is to get people back to life, not back to our office

Effective for complex neurological conditions - we take pride in taking care of difficult to treat neurological conditions

Feel and see results - not only can patients feel better, but they will see pre- and post- X-rays showing that your spine is improving over time.

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Real Patient Testimonials

I can’t say enough how much my life has changed under Dr. Chung’s care. After 10 years of chronic pain and being dismissed by my neurologist, I came to Dr. C. He was caring, and really listened. After only 2 visits, I have already had a tremendous reduction in my pain! I feel like a new person.
Clemence Heller
I can't say how much Dr Jonathan Chung has given me back a full quality of life. Migraines was my daily focus, brought my on by a minor car accident few years before. I thought I was going to live with pain medications for the rest of my life. After seeing 2 neurologist prior I was convinced that was my life. But I never stop searching for holistic approaches which led me to Keystone Chiropractic. Thank you.
Michelle Graham
Dr.Chung has been a huge part of my journey to getting back to how I was before my dizziness and vestibular issues. Under his care I am now better than how I was before and I am able to live a normal life again. He is passionate about his patients and he’s such a great person. I’m so happy he’s my doctor! His staff is amazing as well!
Sabrina Kopejz
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