What Does Dr. Chung Do at NUCCA Conference?


As many of you know, I was at a conference in California for the weekend.

This week’s conference was for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, aka NUCCA, aka the method of Structural Correction that I use in the office each day. A lot of people ask about what I do at these conferences, so I wanted to give you a peak behind the curtain.

Perfecting Our Atlas Correction/Staying Sharp

Even though you can barely feel what happens when we perform an Atlas Correction, there are quite a number of steps to deliver a force that will actually make a patient better. That includes:

  1. Matching x-ray measurements with the right correction angle.
  1. Ensuring hip and shoulder angles match
  2. Using the exact amount of force necessary to place into the patient
  3. Using ergonomically sound principles to protect our spine from our work

When you are busy in solo practice, it’s easy to get sloppy with your technique, so we spend a couple hours each day with seasoned doctors to make sure we are on point.

Research Review

One of the most important aspects of practice to me is to stay up to date with research and new findings in the chiropractic and medical field. We get updates about new Structural imaging techniques from pioneers like Dr. Scott Rosa. This weekend, we had a presentation about how the Atlas can compress the internal jugular vein from a interventional radiologist named Dr. Michael Arata.

Though chiropractic has been historically criticized for a lack of interest and production of research, NUCCA has worked to stay on top of trends in upper cervical research. It has also been a leader in producing high quality research like the famous 2007 study about high blood pressure.

One on One help with experts to solve complex cases A lot of people with various Secondary Conditions get better really quickly with a few corrections. However, I’ll be completely honest in saying that there are plenty of you out there where I have to bang my head against a wall trying to figure out how to correctly solve your case.

Many times we bring these complex cases to other doctors who have had 20 years of experience with this work so they can tell us how they went about solving similar cases. We then bring that experience back to you, and in a perfect world we get you over the hump.

And a little fun on the side

I didn’t have an intention of putting this section in here, but we got these great shots of a seal just hanging out on the beach during our morning workout.


A lot of health care conferences have a reputation of being course requirements and fluff time at a bar.

The truth is, going to a conferene like NUCCA isn’t a requirement for my liscense. I don’t have to spend money traveling to California and spending 20 hours in a classroom. I can do that just fine here in West Palm Beach at a fraction of the cost.

I go because I care about the technical excellence that Keystone Chiropractic and Structural Correction represents.  I care about providing you, patients, with the best care I can possibly give.

It’s easy to graduate chiropractic school and be a competent doctor. It takes time, effort, and commitment to bring mastery to the people I take care of everyday.


Real Patient Testimonials

I can’t say enough how much my life has changed under Dr. Chung’s care. After 10 years of chronic pain and being dismissed by my neurologist, I came to Dr. C. He was caring, and really listened. After only 2 visits, I have already had a tremendous reduction in my pain! I feel like a new person.
Clemence Heller
I can't say how much Dr Jonathan Chung has given me back a full quality of life. Migraines was my daily focus, brought my on by a minor car accident few years before. I thought I was going to live with pain medications for the rest of my life. After seeing 2 neurologist prior I was convinced that was my life. But I never stop searching for holistic approaches which led me to Keystone Chiropractic. Thank you.
Michelle Graham
Dr.Chung has been a huge part of my journey to getting back to how I was before my dizziness and vestibular issues. Under his care I am now better than how I was before and I am able to live a normal life again. He is passionate about his patients and he’s such a great person. I’m so happy he’s my doctor! His staff is amazing as well!
Sabrina Kopejz
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